Why choose us

  • We speak the language of business and technologies

  • We are the strategic speaker that understands the real business needs and speakes correctly with the ICT department.

  • MESA Style

  • MESA style is a unique way of work. Our approach is based on passion, continuous innovation and value-oriented results for the customer.

  • Lean & Agile approach

  • A new approach to project development that integrates the Lean methodology and Agile technologies for an immediate competitive advantage.

The pillars on which we build our projects




Optimized and effective processes enable having streamlined and result-oriented organizations.



Methodologies development in the company is crucial for optimization of structural changes and continuous improvement.



An appropriate organizational structure allows a clear vision of roles and responsibilities to achieve the objectives.

risorse umane 

Human resources

A motivated team aligned with business needs make changes easy.

sistemi informativi 

Information systems

Information systems are the heart of companies; for us it is an opportunity and the driver of innovations.

Some of our customers

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