SKILLS - Learning technology by MESA

SKILLS allows to support synchronous and asynchronous mixed training through a guided, dynamic and personalized study path

SKILLS - E learning platform



Complete platform for blended learning

Complete platform for
blended learning

Digitize learning in an innovative way

Learning digitization in an innovative way

Pre-configured reports and dashboards

Reporting and pre-configured dashboards structured by role

SKILLS - E learning innovative platform



Our platform allows you to take advantage of what digitalization offers to improve engagement through:

  • Interactive questionnaires with real-time results.
  • Engaging digital exercises.
  • Self-test and self-diagnosis.
  • Graphic visualization of all results through customizable interactive graphs.
  • Non-editable recording of course progress.


SKILLS has a series of reports and pre-configured dashboards structured by role.

  • Teacher Dashboard: visualization of the progress of the courses and the performances of the individual participants.
  • Dashboard trainee: view of the courses carried out and planned, with relative certifications acquired.
  • Training manager dashboard: dashboard with the progress of the courses and statistics between the various editions of the courses.


SKILLS - Elearning center

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